Saturday, November 3, 2012

Wrong Holiday

I remember last halloween it was a dark and stormy night. (well not really it was just chilly.) my friend max and I went up and down the
streets saying merry christmas to everyone after getting our candy. At one house the guy didn't say any thing or do anything he just gave us our candy and went inside he didn't even say your welcome
(yes we said merry chistmas) but 95% of the people laughed.We even said happy new's year and happy birthday.Wait witch holiday are we talking about again.

the awesome face is awesome

                            Awesome face SONG thats awesome thumbs for awesome face

2012 super minecraft songs

Minecraft has seemed pretty populour lately so here are the top 20
 best minecraft songs 2012 just for the viewers who like Minecraft.

                                  "Awesome huh"?

Creepy messege

                 A hidden messege in nyan cat?
                 Now thats just creepy.

Breaking News!! Flying Cat cought on tape!!

How long can you stand this?(I got threw two minutes)

This video will help kids understand that flying cats are importent(With annoying music.)NOT.



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